TSAS Artist Of The Week: KickRaux


KickRaux | Los Angeles

We are not even sure where to start with this guy! If you haven’t heard of KickRaux then you must be sleeping under a rock! I mean he has worked with Jay-Z! He just recently played his first sold out show in Los Angeles and there is no stopping there! He has also been working very closely with Walshy Fire of Major Lazer!  In an EDM world where we hear a lot of similar styles and sounds, KickRaux has definitely created his own unique wave of music. On top of all of this, don’t be afraid to tweet at him! Most of the time you will get a response! He is a very humble and hard-working artist and this is why we chose him as our TSAS Artist Of The Week!

KickRaux - #STFU (VIP MashUp)







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TSAS Artist Of The Week: Noms


Noms | Boston, Massachusetts

If you haven’t heard anything from Noms yet, then we are proud to be able to introduce you to his Jersey-club-focused style.  This Boston based producer isn’t afraid to mix it up and be experimental either. He is part of the Brick Bandits crew so you know his work is quality! This year will be his second year playing at SXSW in Austin, Texas. We will be posting an onslaught of his tracks this week, and for those of you who were wondering, yes, his spirit animal is a panda bear!

The Cool Kids - What Up Man (Noms Edit)






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TSAS Artist Of The Week: Slow Graffiti


Slow Graffiti | Los Angeles, California

Slow Graffiti is an up-and-comer from Los Angeles that you need to keep your eyes and ears on! To our ears its not the huge sounds but his subtle details throughout his originals and remixes that separate him from the rest.  Maybe these are the same sounds that landed Slow Graffiti on Annie Nightingales’ “2014 Future Stars” list.  We have heard many different styles of bass music from this producer and can’t wait to hear more. Over the course of the week we will be showcasing some of his tunes on soundcloud but we recommend you pick up his new 5-track EP entitled “VI” on beatport.  His single “You” is currently sitting four spots above “Pockets” by RL Grime at 62 and we expect it to keep working its way up the Beatport “Hip-Hop” charts!

“VI” On Beatport

Childish Gambino - Sweatpants (Slow Graffiti Remix)







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Moduloktopus | Boston, Massachusetts

The name Moduloktopus might not have a significant meaning to you but we think we have figured out why it is so significant to this Boston-based producer. The first half, “Modul”, we are assuming comes from the word Modulate which by definition means, “exert a modifying or controlling influence on”. We can clearly tell by his logo that the second half “oktopus” is in fact meaning octopus. Because it does not have an internal or external skeleton an octopus is known to be able to fit its body almost anywhere. How does this relate to this bass-engulfed-beat-maker? Over the course of the week we will post one of his tracks each day and show you how he has made his mark on bass music. With each post we will show a different side of this mans art and by the end of the week i’m sure you’ll agree with us that he is able to make his style of music fit anywhere!

Drake - All Me (Moduloktopus ReTwerk)






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