Moduloktopus | Boston, Massachusetts

The name Moduloktopus might not have a significant meaning to you but we think we have figured out why it is so significant to this Boston-based producer. The first half, “Modul”, we are assuming comes from the word Modulate which by definition means, “exert a modifying or controlling influence on”. We can clearly tell by his logo that the second half “oktopus” is in fact meaning octopus. Because it does not have an internal or external skeleton an octopus is known to be able to fit its body almost anywhere. How does this relate to this bass-engulfed-beat-maker? Over the course of the week we will post one of his tracks each day and show you how he has made his mark on bass music. With each post we will show a different side of this mans art and by the end of the week i’m sure you’ll agree with us that he is able to make his style of music fit anywhere!

Drake - All Me (Moduloktopus ReTwerk)






Follow Moduloktopus (Boston)

Facebook: Facebook.com/Moduloktopus

Twitter: @Moduloktopus

Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/Modulok


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